Earth Day & Two Goats

Sun Makes your beer Skunk ? Think again !

Two Goats Brewery, Hector, NY

Two Goats Brewery, Hector, NY

This little known micro-brewery, Two Goats in Hector, upstate NY is a solar powered brewery

Chemistry says, beer exposed to ultra-violet rays rips apart Isohumulones, the chemical stuff found in Hops that contributes to beer's bitterness. Two Goats got creative and concerned about environment. They used the beer's enemy - Sun, to power their brewery instead.

Isohumulones !! LOL ! I feel like a scientist right now !

Solar power, Scenic views of Seneca Lake and Good beers ! What more could you want ?

Solar power, Scenic views of Seneca Lake and Good beers ! What more could you want ?

In the famous finger lakes region, About 10 miles from Watkins Glen State Park, by the beautiful Seneca Lake is where I found this little brewery pub. 

Oh ! Totally forgot to mention my whole point of creating this photo story. EARTH DAY. A day when people worldwide suddenly demonstrate support for environment and its protection. Interestingly enough, We've managed to keep just one such day. The planet is in an environmental quagmire. Sadly, most of us don't get it though. Thankfully, There are some of us who are doing or at least trying to do our bit. Like Two Goats !

DISCLAIMER: I am not getting paid by Two Goats to write all this. NO ! Not even free beers.

I have been to quite some eco-friendly places. Another solar powered brewery that I have been to is Maine Brewing Company near Portland, Maine. No pictures there ? Got drunk ? Eh ! Almost !

Two Goats have a concise beer list, but they offer some good beers sure. I happened to go there on one of the coldest days (READ COLDEST) of this winter in February. The temperatures (wind-chill) were about 40 F Below Zero. But this small hut-like brewery with cozy-rugged interiors and welcoming people, poured warmth, not just beer. A live band performing, delicious hot pub food and the lake facing deck added icing on the experience. Well ! Quite literally icing !

WARNING: Never risk your butt to frost bite for drinking beers out in the freezing cold & snow. 


To conclude...Any little effort by each one of us, to conserve environment and to protect Earth, would exponentially add up to a better planet. Importantly, you may choose Earth Day to initiate the conservation; But, You will have to keep doing it everyday. YES ! EVERYDAY ! We can all do a lot of simple things towards a better environment. Maybe walk to work ? Maybe Bicycle ? Maybe start recycling if you don't ? Maybe plant a tree ? Or whatever...

I am walking that extra-mile from now on. What have you decided ?

Pro Tip: Beers I recommend - 1. Goatmeal Stout 2. Goatgasm (a mix of IPA & ultra pale ale)

© Nipun Nayyar