Photo Restoration

Heavy digital repair for a recent client.

Heavy digital repair for a recent client.

Your old memories deserve a new life!

What will Nipun do for you?

Digital Photo Restoration is an art. A careful retouching of photos that need digital repairs demands skilful use of Photoshop, creativity and most importantly the understanding that your old photograph is a beautiful memory. Nipun offers the following restoration services:

  • Removing scratches, tears, marks, creases etc

  • Removing/Replacing or cleaning Backgrounds

  • Repairing Colour fade

  • Colouring black and white images

  • Repair heavy moisture/water damage to images

  • Stitch ripped/torn photos


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Nipun is based out of Midway Point, Tasmania. Digital restoration is possible for anywhere in the world online; But, If you require Scan/Print services along with restoration, Nipun’s service area spans Hobart and its surrounds like Sorell, Richmond, Midway Point etc.

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