White is my new Green

Location: Maine, USA: South Penebscot, Little Dear Isle and Stonington (Near Acadia National Park)

Yes there is Global Warming. Yes the environment is getting worse by the day. Yes! We all know. But, what most of us do not realize is that the situation in the “colder” regions is really bad. People in extremely cold northern / southern places on the planet are highly dependent on aquatic life for not just eating, but even for business; and environment issues are majorly causing them trouble. Shall I even touch upon the even more apparent problems with polar bear habitat or aquatic life itself?

Us all in the temperate or tropical regions; or the not so colder regions associate ‘Green’ with Environment. “Go Green”! Great! Hell Yes, We must. But, I’ve started to associate ‘White’ with the environment more.

If we can take care of the whites at a war foot first, the Greens would be taken care of in a much better way. Not saying that we must ignore the Greens!
Hence, For me, White is my new Green! 

I travelled to some interior regions of the north-eastern most state of the USA - MAINE. I created these images near the region of the famous Acadia National Park. Acadia is on the North - Atlantic coast of the States. It is a major tourist attraction in summers and fall but; most of the regions around this National park are totally non-touristy. Some like to use the term -
Rural. I stayed in a village near Penobscot and my usual drives & hikes were between Penobscot, Little Deer Isle and Stonington. 

These images are simple whites I created here. With just one purpose...Go White - Go Green!